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The comprehensive range of oils and lubricants for tucks, buses and heavy equipment includes: motor and transmission oils and automotive lubricants. Constantly developed product portfolio combined with innovative solutions in the area of new technologies guarantee reliable performance of all components of vehicles and machinery used in transportation and construction industry.
ORLEN OIL conducts numerous research and development projects aimed at constant adaptation of the product range to increasing Customers' expectations and changing lubricant development trends on a global scale. Of particular importance are development programmes conducted by ORLEN Oil together with global manufacturers of packages, raw materials and technologies in the area of automotive oils. 
ORLEN OIL lubricants for trucks, buses and heavy equipment guarantee reduced emission of harmful substances. Fulfilment of strict environmental standards is possible thanks to the use of pro-environmental technologies and implementation of technologically advanced research and development works. It is proven by the title of the Leader of Polish Ecology awarded by the Minster of Environmental Protection.
Transport and construction companies cooperating with ORLEN OIL appreciate primarily the world-class quality of products for trucks, buses and heavy equipment, as evidenced by dozens of approvals of leading manufacturers of vehicles and numerous references provided by users. This proves high consumer confidence in our products.

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