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For contractors

Rules for entering the area of ORLEN OIL in Trzebinia – Production Facility (ZPT) and Distribution Center (CDT) and in Jedlicze – Production Facility (ZPJ): 

  • Each person entering the area of ZPT, CDT, ZPJ is required to measure body temperature. 
  • A driver, besides the standard equipment, while entering the area of ORLEN POLUDNIE S.A and further, during the entire stay in areas and facilities of ORLEN OIL SP. Z o.o. is required to wear safety gloves (latex or nitrile) as well as to wear nose and mouth protection (protective mask or a face shield), according to the guidelines of the lawmaker. 
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to stay in facilities dedicated for temporary presence of drivers (sanitary facilities and drivers service rooms in ZPT, CDT and ZPJ). 
  • After receiving/handing over shipping documentation, drivers must wait for further service next to or inside their vehicles (nose and mouth can be uncovered only inside their vehicles) 
  • Grouping is forbidden. Everyone must adhere to regulations and requirements issued by the lawmaker and Chief Sanitary Inspector. 
  • In order to prevent spreading coronavirus, both drivers and ORLEN OIL employees are required to limit sharing mutual contacts. If direct contact is necessary, the distance between a driver and ORLEN OIL employee cannot be less than 2 meters (counters, shelves and serving windows should be used for transferring documents). ​

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