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Automotive gear oils

ORLEN OIL offers a wide range of products for various manual and automatic transmissions, powershift systems, continuously variable transmissions (CVT), gears and drive axles. Our oils help save fuel, extend oil change intervals and ensure smooth gear shifting in any temperature.
Thanks to quality base oils and unique enriching additives, our transmission oils considerably reduce the cost of repairs by extending the lifetime of components and ensure maximum protection of cooperating parts. Without hazardous substances such as chlorine and heavy metals and thanks to lower temperature and reduced emissions, the oils contribute to saving the environment.
PLATINUM GEAR HYBRID is a line of modern gear oils, the technology of which has been designed to ensure exceptional performance, durability and excellent lubrication and maximum protection against wear of the automatic transmission in hybrid vehicles. These types of transmissions require the use of a specialized lubricant to ensure the best performance of the entire vehicle.

PLATINUM GEAR HYBRID gear oils guarantee:

  • ​protection of the transmission mechanism and efficiency of automatic transmissions in hybrid vehicles
  • increased thermal conductivity to protect the powertrain from the extra heat typically found in hybrid vehicles
  • increased oxidation resistance and oil film stability at high temperatures
  • excellent rheological parameters even at very low ambient temperatures


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