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Nowadays, agriculture is perceived as a dynamically developing industry. Modern, trouble-free equipment is indispensable to increase yields and work on large areas. Older machinery is therefore gradually replaced with efficient modern equipment..
Lubricant manufacturers are thus compelled to keep pace with the recent developments in machinery by improving their existing lubricants and developing new ones. When it comes to engine, gear and transmission oils, the changes occur very rapidly. As a  rule, each new series of tractors or other agricultural machinery requires a specific type of gear or engine oil, which cannot be replaced by an oil of different specifications. Deep changes observed in agriculture inspire development of an offer for agricultural equipment. Products meeting the expectations of farmers, availability and quality certified by leading manufacturers of modern tractors and agricultural machines are the main strengths of ORLEN OIL.
At present, ORLEN OIL is involved in a growing number of research and utilisation projects aimed at selecting the best lubricant for specific equipment. In line with recent trends, oil is regarded as a structural part of an engine or drive transmission system. It can be therefore assumed that cooperation between research and development centres and lubricant manufacturers is crucial in creating robust and fault-free constructions.

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