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Vehicle greases


Quality class:
Viscosity grad:

General features

Greasen Grafit is a mineral oil based calcium grease with viscosity of ca. 150 mm2/s at 400C containing minimum 10% of natural graphite. It is cold water resistant. It cannot be used to lubricate any vehicle elements except from suspension springs. It cannot be used in rolling bearings and precise mechanisms.


Greasen Grafit is intended to lubricate:

• automotive suspension springs,

• fifth wheel coupling in trucks,
• open toothed gears, worm gears, threads of screws endangered by corrosive agents, chains and other heavily loaded friction centres operating in the temperatures between -200C and +600C.

• it may be applied as a typical assembly grease.

Standards, approvals, specifications

DIN 51 502: OGF2C-20
ISO 6743-9: L-X-BAGB-2

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Units Typical values
Worked penetration at 25°C mm/10 270
Dropping point 0C 85
Water content % 2.0
Quality of released oil (structural stability) % 3.0
ATTENTION: physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are defined in quality control certificates attached to each product lot


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