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World markets ready for products from Poland


ORLEN OIL has been a leader in the production of engine oils and lubricating products for industry for many years. It also plans to cooperate abroad, which is why it actively participates in international events - Automechanika fair in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lubricant Expo Messe Essen in Germany. In this way, the company is strengthening its recognition, market position and gaining new customers.


Automechanika in Johannesburg, taking place from September 5 to 7, 2023, brings together more than 200 exhibitors and nearly 6,000 visitors. This is a significant event in the automotive world, which opens up new perspectives. The African market has become even more strategic in the context of the merger with LOTOS Oil. The related companies now have greater production capacity, increased overseas distribution and experienced personnel, all of which contribute to strengthening ORLEN Oil's position. The TURDUS, AGROL and LOTOS brands have enjoyed a reputation in northern Africa for several years, and the presence at the Johannesburg fair opens up opportunities for expansion to the south and center of the continent. Considering that oil products on synthetic group bases currently occupy a dominant position in the European market, thus displacing products with higher viscosities, it is important to diversify sales of semisynthetic and mineral products outside the continent. Africa's climate, difficult road conditions and the fleet of cars traveling on African roads make it a good market for lubricating passenger car, truck and agricultural engines precisely with mineral oils, which are created from bases produced at the Plock and Gdansk Refineries.

During the three-day event, at ORLEN OIL's booth at the South African expo, potential customers from the Central and Southern African region will be able to get acquainted with the Polish manufacturer's offerings, talk to experts from the Company about technical aspects and expand their knowledge of proper lubrication of the automotive and machinery fleet. The Company will promote all the brands it currently has in its portfolio. Special emphasis will be placed on the MaxExpert and Classic brands, which represent a group of products for passenger cars, the ULTOR brand, which is dedicated to the heavy transport industry, and the AGRO and TURDUS brands, which are key offerings for the agricultural industry.  
The Essen fair, known as Lubricant Expo Messe Essen, will be held from September 26 to 28, 2023. It is Europe's largest exhibition and conference, connecting lubricant suppliers with end users, so it is a must-stop for thousands of engineers and industry professionals.

The two events are the first opportunity for ORLEN OIL to participate in an international fair since the merger with LOTOS Oil. The slogan "Together to Success" accompanies them in this process, emphasizing the synergistic effects of the merger of the companies. Participation in foreign fairs fits perfectly with the company's strategy to strengthen its export activities, both in marketing and promotion, as well as in the commercial area.

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