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PLATINUM Ultor line


Quality class:API: CG-4/CF-4/CF
Viscosity grad:SAE: 15W-40

General features

Based on the latest NEO GUARD technology, high quality, designed primarily for use in diesel engines of trucks, buses and heavy equipment in different temperature conditions.​

It guarantees:

  • Engine protection against wear in extremely difficult conditions,
  • Keeping the engine clean by preventing deposits formation,
  • High lubricating properties even at the start of the engine.


Multigrade oil Platinum Ultor Diesel 15W-40 is designed for all types of diesel engines, turbocharged and normally aspirated, working in diverse conditions. Especially recommended for applications in trucks, buses and construction equipment. It is suitable for use in engines that meet Euro II.

Standards, approvals, specifications

Meets requirements:
Mercedes-Benz 228.1
MAN 271
Deutz DQC II-10

Physical and chemical properties

Parameter Unit Typical value
SAE viscosity grade - 15W-40
kinematic viscosity at temp. 1000C mm2/s 13,0
viscosity index - 129
pour point 0C -33
​flash point ​°C ​222
base number TBN mg KOH/g 7,7
sulphated ash % 1,0
Noack volatility % (m/m) 9,5
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product batch.


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