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Quality class:​API: SG/CD
Viscosity grad:​SAE: 10W-30

General features

ORLEN OIL NIX 10W-30 is a multi-seasonal mineral engine oil, which, thanks to properly selected manufacturing technology based on deeply refined basic mineral oils and high quality upgrading additives, offers excellent properties:

• it maintains durable lubricating film at high thermal and mechanical loads,
• its consumption is minimum, thanks to low evaporation losses,
• it has very good oxidizing resistance, which prevents formation of so called "black slurry",
• it efficiently protects engine from corrosion,
• it prevents formation of high-temperature deposits,
• it is compatible and may be freely mixed with other oils of the same viscosity and quality class,
• it perfectly protects engine against low temperature impact.


​ORLEN OIL NIX  10W-30 is a high quality engine oil intended to use in snow ploughs and other winter road maintenance equipment with four stroke petrol engines with or without catalytic converters.

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Units  Typical values
SAE viscosity class - 10W-30
Kinematic viscosity at 1000C mm2/s 10,2
Pour point 0C -30
Flash point 0C 220
Total base number TBN mg KOH/g 8,0
CCS at -25oC mPa*s ​5900

Note: The foregoing values of physical and chemical parameters are typical values. Actual values are specified in the quality certificates attached to each product batch.


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