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Vehicle greases


Quality class:
Viscosity grad:

General features

GREASEN STP is a calcium grease with the consistency class of 1. Its base is mineral oil with viscosity of 85 mm2/s at 40°C. Soft consistence of the grease allows for easy use of lubricating devices e.g. pneumatic lubricators. It is quite resistant to cold water.


GREASEN STP is intended exclusively for periodical lubrication of vehicle chassis, pins, articulations, guides in the temperature range between -20°C and +60°C. GREASEN STP is not suitable for lubricating of rolling bearings and water pumps.

Standards, approvals, specifications

DIN 51 502: M1C-20
ISO 6743-9: BAEA-1

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Units Typical values
Worked penetration at 25°C mm/10 330
Dropping point °C 105
Effervescent substances content % no content
Free bases content for % NaOH % 0.1
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.


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