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Vehicle greases


Quality class:
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General features

Greasen S-EP 00/000 and Greasen N-EP 00/000 are semi-liquid greases manufactured based on a lithium-calcium soap in NLGI 00/000 consistence class. They consist, inter alia, of EP and AW additives, additives improving anti-corrosion and antioxidant properties of the product. Base oil used in the production process of Greasen S-EP 00/000 grease is a synthetic oil, while Greasen N-EP 00/000 is manufactured based on naphthenic mineral oil with excellent low-temperature properties.


Greasen N-EP 00/000 and Greasen S-EP 00/000 are intended primarily for lubricating rubbing surfaces in heavy commercial (utility) vehicles and buses with centralized lubrication systems, while:
• Greasen N-EP 00/000 in temperatures from - 30 0C to +900C
• Greasen S-EP 00/000 in temperatures from - 450C to +900C
In the case of total loss lubrication, the upper limit value of use in both cases equals +1200C .

In addition to the uses mentioned above, the greases can be used for lubricating various types of reduction gears lubricated with plastic greases.

Standards, approvals, specifications

NLGI Consistency class: 00/000

Greasen S-EP 00/000:
DIN 51 502: KP00/000E-45
ISO 6743-9: EBEB-00/000

Greasen N-EP 00/000
DIN 51 502: KP00/000E-30
ISO 6743-9: CBEB-00/000

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Units Typical values
Worked penetration in temp. 25°C mm/10 460
Worked penetration in temp. - 45°C mm/10 315
Worked penetration in temp. - 30°C mm/10 -
Dropping point °C 170
Mechanic stability, 60°C/4h % (m/m) 2,7
Corrosive action on steel and copper, 100°C/3h Corrosion level 1b
Weld load kG 240
Oxidation resistance, pressure drop after 100 h at 100 ° C. kPa 48
Notice: The above values of physic-chemical parameters are typical values. Actual values are shown on the quality certificates attached to each batch of the product.


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