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The Tractor Manufacturer Belarus recommends Orlen Oil


belarus-1523-3_normal.jpgProducts of the Belarusian manufacturer MTZ have been present on our market for many years. The wide ranges of tractors produced in Minsk are machines of varied power and level of technological advancement. Many years of experience of Polish farmers as well as service workers show without a doubt that the Belarusian tractors are extremely resistant to difficult working conditions. Even after 9-10 years of exploitation, the heavily used up tractors still work fairly efficiently. 

Currently the factory in Minsk incorporates into their tractors modern technological solutions, not much different from the global standards. Thanks to their reliability and simple design, the Belarusian tractors still enjoy wide interest in Poland.

As it is widely known, the manufacturers usually indicate an oil brand which ensures faultless exploitation of the vehicle. For most users the recommendation of a manufacturer is the most credible form of advertisement. A well working hydraulic system is one of the most important components of a tractor. For the hydraulic systems of Belarus tractors exploited on the Polish market the manufacturer recommends the HYDROL® LHM/HLP 32 oil. 

The Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 32 hydraulic oil is most of all meant for highly laden force transfer systems, drive and hydraulic steering, in which difficult working conditions as well as heightened temperatures and humidity occur. 
Viscosity class:
ISO VG: 10, 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150.
Quality class according to ISO 6743/4 – HM
Norms, approvals, specifications:
Denison Hydraulics HF2/HF0, 
DIN 51524 cz.2,

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