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TOP BRAND 2012 Award for ORLEN OIL's Platinum Line


top_normal.jpgConsumers’ Laurels is a nationwide poll which takes the pulse of consumer and customer predilections in more than three hundred categories. At least eight hundred votes are obtained for each category via telephone surveys, the Consumers’ Laurels page on the All About Business (Rzecz o Biznesie) website and surveys carried out at key points and retail centres in towns and cities throughout Poland. The programme produces an answer to one of the most fundamental of questions; which products and services are the most popular in their category?

ORLEN OIL, which is constantly engaged in improving its product range in line with the market’s latest requirements, has once again received the TOP BRAND title in the Engine Oils category for 2012.

The awarding of the TOP BRAND title is decided by the brand's particularly prominent position among the competition its sector.

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