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Reliable protection with the new SMAROL PTFE Chain Lubricant


smarol.jpgThe new product of ORLEN OIL provides an excellent protection for motorbikes, scooters, ATVs and bicycles exposed to harmful action of high temperatures and strong effects of water.

SMAROL PTFE is a special high-temperature anti-seize lubricant which can be used in the temperature range from –10ºC to 250ºC. After application and drying out, the product leaves a thin non-marking and elastic film on the lubricated parts protecting them from wear and increasing their durability.

The lubricant is resistant to water, steam and aggressive media (most acids and lye).

The main application of the product is to lubricate chains of motorbikes, scooters, bicycles and other vehicles with chain transmission. It has been successfully tested in the operating conditions on motorbike chains.

In addition to that, SMAROL PTFE can also be used in the textile and ceramic industries, glass factories, brickyards, power plants, foundries and metallurgical plants, rolling mills, sewage treatment plants, ports and shipyards, wherever the lubricant used is required to adhere to the surfaces exceptionally well and protect the parts being lubricated.

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