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Platinum to officially sponsor the Porsche GT3 CCCE race


​5 countries, 7 runs and 19 Porsche 911s - these are the key figures of this year's Porsche Platinum GT3 CCCE race, which will take place on September 28 in Poznan. ORLEN Oil, a leading manufacturer of automotive oils, is sponsoring a series of races on European tracks.
The Poznan event will be the penultimate of seven races on tracks in Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.  Polish driver Stefan Biliński from Förch Racing team is currently the leader of general classification.

Commitment to supporting motorsports is an important element of ORLEN Oil. Our cooperation with Porsche race participants allows the company to test new technological solutions in the Platinum brand, as well as strengthens its image.
"By co-creating the Porsche Platinum GT3 CCCE series, we have an opportunity to share our passion for racing and the emotions around them with all fans of fast cars", adds Marcin Gralewski, the president of Orlen Oil.
Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe is a series of races in Central Europe organised by Porsche. There are 19 drivers competing for the trophy, with 11 Poles. This season, the classification has been divided into two groups, A and B, depending on the drivers' experience. This form of racing enhances competition among the participants in group B, who compete for the first time. Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup Challenge also takes place in other parts of the world, with the name changing depending on the region. 
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