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Platinum on foreign markets

07-11-2014  Press Release

​Lately in Hungary and now in Ukraine and Bulgaria, Platinum brand billboards have been posted alongside roads. They have been a part of marketing activities undertaken by Orlen Oil aimed at winning new customers on international markets.


Across the eastern border
The marketing campaign is running all over Ukraine, although mainly in its central and western regions. The objective is to build Platinum brand awareness. ORLEN Oil has been doing business in Ukraine for some time now, collaborating with three major oil distributors, experts in delivering lubrication products for automotive and industrial applications. However, the competition is strong and the market highly dispersed. There are approximately 160 oil brands sold in Ukraine. Among them, Russian brands are the most popular ones.


Heading for Bulgaria
Our international development strategy assumes a growing share of export sales. Hence our cooperation in sale of lubricants with Bulgarian Motobul owned by Eurohold Group, one of the largest group of companies in the Balkans. During the first six months of collaboration with Motobul, we have managed to introduce our Platinum products to Mazda, Fiat, Opel and Chevrolet authorized service centres as well as to Metro Cash & Carry, a nationwide chain of stores.
In October in some of the largest cities, we launched a billboard campaign just as we did in Ukraine. Our marketing objective is to have 80 car repair shops and 35 taxis in Sofia labelled with Platinum brand. Additionally, the presence of Platinum brand will be reinforced with an on-line campaign.

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