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Platinum ORLEN Oil at the Dakar Rally

12-01-2015  News

Platinum ORLEN Oil, a leading brand of oils for automotive industry, supports members of ORLEN Team during the 37th Dakar Rally whose route runs through 3 South American countries with its start and finish in Buenos Aires.
The legendary off-road rally, participated by two car crews and two motorcyclists of ORLEN Team, began on 4th January.
Platinum ORLEN Oil has been supporting members of ORLEN Team during the Dakar Rally for years. Passion for motorsport and possibility of testing its products, and consequently developing technology, are the main reasons for presence of the Platinum brand on international and European sports events. Sponsorship of the Dakar Rally competitors constitutes the most important component of our involvement in motorsports, along with the sponsorship of Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup CCE — the fastest rally series on the racetracks of Central Europe.
The support to members of ORLEN TEAM also derives from our wish to provide fans with exciting rally experiences at the highest level. Therefore, Platinum ORLEN Oil also co-sponsors coverage from the routes of the Dakar Rally, which is considered to be one of the most difficult and demanding off-road rallies in the world. The coverage is aired on TVN channel at 7:30 P.M. every day from 4th to 18th January.

Dakar 2015 is held in three countries — Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. The rally starts in Buenos Aires on 4th January to reach the northernmost point of the route— Iquique in Chile after six days. There the participants move to Bolivia where the competition takes place on a salt pan located 3,500 m above see level, and then return to Chile in order to break through high-mountain range of the Andes back to Argentina. The rally ends after 14 exhausting stages in Buenos Aires on 17th January. The motorcyclists will travel a total of 9,295 kilometres (4,752km of SS) while car drivers will pass 9,111 kilometres  (4,578km of SS).
More information about the competitors and the event can be found at: www.orlenteam.pl

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