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Platinum Agro – a new range of oils for modern agricultural machines


platinum_agro_beczka215l_rgb.jpgIn Poland agriculture is one of the most important branches, with almost 16% of all employed. Agricultural products constitute almost 10% of all products exported from Poland.

Poland’s EU membership has contributed to the growth on the agricultural machines market. The demand for farming equipment has grown due to better access to the assistance funds within the framework of the common agricultural policy. The requirement for machines is also changing as a result of implementation of innovative technologies – more efficient and more reliable equipment is necessary, but it requires special lubricants.

The response of ORLEN OIL to the changing expectations of the market is the new range of PLATINUM Agro lubricants, prepared specially for modern agricultural machines. The innovative technology of PLATINUM Agro oils guarantees safe operation of agricultural machines and devices.

The range of motor oils includes PLATINUM Agro Supreme 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil as well as mineral oils for Diesel engines: PLATINUM Agro Novo 15W-40, PLATINUM Agro Next 15W-40 and PLATINUM Agro Basic 15W-40. These oils differ in terms of quality rating required for modern agricultural machines. High quality base oils in combination with perfectly selected set of improvers guarantee effective engine lubrication, which ensures excellent engine efficiency in all work conditions and extends oil change period.

Universal multi-season oils: PLATINUM Agro UTTO 10W-30 universal tractor transmission oil and PLATINUM Agro STOU 10W-40 super tractor oil universal guarantee reliable work of systems due to their excellent antifriction and antiwear properties.

PLATINUM Agro HV 46 hydraulic oil is produced on the basis of high-quality mineral base oils and a selection of improvers. It guarantees operation in a wide range of temperatures maintaining optimum viscosity.

The offer is supplemented by PLATINUM Agro LS 80W-90 – mineral transmission oil with very good load-carrying capacity. It ensures optimum lubrication, maximum protection of manual gearboxes and limited-slip differentials.

The offered PLATINUM Agro motor, transmission, hydraulic and multi-purpose oils meet the requirements of leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, such as: John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, Same, Deutz-Fahr, Claas, Fendt, Zetor and Ursus.

PLATINUM Agro green range will succeed on every field ensuring reliable operation of agricultural machines.

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