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Perfect protection of engines with high mileage with the new PLATINUM CLASSIC LIFE+ 20W-50


The wide range of the PLATINUM synthetic and mineral motor oils is the flagship of ORLEN OIL. PLATINUM 1_midi.jpg

CLASSIC LIFE+ 20W-50 is the new product in the offer of ORLEN OIL. 
PLATINUM CLASSIC LIFE+ 20W-50 is a multi-grade mineral oil intended mainly for the protection of both, diesel and petrol engines with the mileage above 150 kkm. With the carefully selected and developed “Reduce Oil Consumption” formula, it reduces leaks and consumption of oil. PLATINUM CLASSIC LIFE+ 20W-50 ensures the protection of the most sensitive engine components and keeping it clean and thus reducing the need of oil top ups.
"According to SAMAR the Automotive Market Research Institute, the average age of a passenger car in Poland is between 11 and 12 years. Most of them have covered very long distances and, with the increasing mileage, the condition of the engines, often operating in harsh conditions, is really poor and this requires frequent oil top ups between the following exchanges. In order to meet the expectations and requirements of Polish drivers, our company introduces a new product – PLATINUM CLASSIC LIFE+ 20W-50" – says Sebastian Żywczyk, the ORLEN OIL Automotive Department Manger.
ORLEN OIL is a leading producer and distributor of automotive, agricultural and industrial lubricants. With its wide range of products, ORLEN OIL meets expectations of both, individual and corporate customers. The research and development and efficient marketing and distribution activities successfully contribute to the success of PLATINUM – quality automotive oils and ORLEN OIL – a wide range for products for the automotive market and industry.

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