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maxexpert_plakat_normal.jpgIn response to growing demands of the automotive market, ORLEN OIL company has created a line of modern synthetic car engine oils - PLATINUM MaxExpert, dedicated to cars of particular brands. 

Car engine oils from PLATINUM MaxExpert family resulted from research and tests conducted by ORLEN OIL technologists. Thanks to the application of latest production technology as well as perfect formulas adapted to the requirements and needs of specific vehicles, MaxExpert PLATINUM engine oils not only meet strict quality requirements according to API (The American Petroleum Institute),ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and ILSAC(International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) standards but also the most exacting requirements of car manufacturers (Renault RN 0700; Ford WSS-M2C913-C; PSA B712290, B712288/ Citroen, Peugeot; General Motors GM Dexos 2 / Opel; Mercedes-Benz 229.51; BMW long Life 04, VW 502.00/ 505.00; VW 504.00; VW 507.00 (Audi, Skoda, Seat); Mercedes-Benz 229.51; BMW long Life 04).

MaxExpert line comprises of four state-of-the-art products:


PLATINUM MaxExpert V 5W-30
New generation energy-saving Long Life engine oil. Designed for year round use in gasoline and diesel car engines, with or without turbocharger, and equipped with DPF or TWC filters. Recommended for the following vehicles made by VW corporation: Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Audi.

PLATINUM MaxExpert F 5W-30
Synthetic all-seasons Premium class engine oil recommended for cars of the FORD brand. Recommended also for other modern passenger cars and light-goods vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, with or without turbo-charging. Recommended for vehicles that meet Euro 5 standards.

PLATINUM MaxExpert XD 5W-30
Unique, all-seasons mid SAPS type engine oil. Dedicated to gasoline and diesel engines of General Motors corporation. Compatible with DPF and TWC exhaust fumes reduction systems. Corresponds to quality level of ILSAC GF-4 standard. Recommended for vehicles that meet Euro 5 standards.

PLATINUM MaxExpert XF 5W-30
All-season Premium class engine oil. Designed for vehicles manufactured by PSA corporation: Citroen, Peugeotand for cars of Renault brand. Compatible with DPF and TWC exhaust fumes reduction systems. Corresponds to quality level of ILSAC GF-4 standard. Recommended for vehicles that meet Euro 5 standards.

PLATINUM MaxExpert products ensure:

• Excellent lubrication from the moment you start the engine;
The role of each oil is to lubricate, that is to protect the metal parts of engine by a layer of the so-called lubricating film. Oil, by maintaining its continuity, prevents wear and in extreme cases, seizing of the engine. This is the most important function performed by all engine oils presently available on the market, but only a few of them provide excellent protection for vehicle's engine since the moment of turning the ignition key, especially in winter conditions.

• Reduced fuel consumption;
The magnitude of engine’s internal resistance, and therefore the unit value of fuel consumption, is influenced by oil rheological properties. Mechanical efficiency and thus the overall engine efficiency increases with the decrease in viscosity, hence the oils from Platinum MaxExpert series were produced in SAE 5W-30 viscosity class. The choice of viscosity class for a new range of oils made by Orlen OIL company was motivated not only by considerations concerning fuel consumption, but also by Central European climatic conditions.

• Extended mileage;
Platinum MaxExpert oils, thanks to excellent properties obtained through implementation by ORLEN OIL of innovative recipes, can achieve results far exceeding the capabilities of synthetic 5W-40 oils, and close to, or equalling the performance of 0W-30 class oils.


• Reduction of harmful exhaust emissions;
Oil’s quality, composition and physicochemical properties of are the key factors of engine exploitation, which bear a significant impact on the level of emission of toxic compounds formed during engine operation. Application of an appropriate synthetic oil can reduce CO and PM emission and exhaust smokiness. There is a link between the impact of oil on the exhaust emissions and type of fuel used. More favourable combustion of synthetic base of the class 5W-30 oils in comparison with the mineral base, reduces emissions of incomplete combustion products. Thanks to low-ash mid-SAPS technology that guarantees the reduction of sulphur content, sulphated ash and phosphorus, and their full compatibility with exhaust treatment systems, the Platinum MaxEkspert oils reduce emission of harmful exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. 

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