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PLATINUM Classic – a new range of motor oils by Orlen Oil


platinum_semisynthetic_4l_normal.jpgThe wheel was invented over 6000 years ago. Humans have been using vehicles for various purposes ever since. The first steam-powered vehicle was built in France in 1770, but it was not until a hundred years later when Gottlieb Daimler constructed, in Germany, the first car powered by a 4-stroke gasoline engine. Technical advances in the automotive industry and in the design of motor vehicle engines have also caused development of lubricants used in various vehicle types. Car manufacturers relentlessly work on new solutions, and lubricant producers continue to introduce new products suited to the ever more stringent requirements.

With a view of meeting the market need, ORLEN OIL has introduced a new PLATINUM Classic lubricant line comprising synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral motor oils. The new products have been designed with the use of the latest technologies and are suited for use in gasoline and Diesel—powered passenger cars. They meet all stringent quality requirements set by API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) standards, and comply with the requirements of Mercedes-Benz. The products are available in three viscosity classes SAE: 5W-40 (synthetic oil), 10W-40 (semi-synthetic oil) and 15W-40 (mineral oil).

All three new products from the PLATINUM Classic range come in 1-liter bottles, as well as in a 4.5 liter bottle, which is a unique solution on the Polish market! 

– Data concerning the stock of cars in Poland prove that the average capacity of a passenger car’s oil pan is 4.5 liters. Willing to satisfy the needs of our Customers we have decided – as the only manufacturer in Poland – to offer suitable capacities of packaging that our latest PLATINUM Classic oils are available in – says Dawid Niedojadło, ORLEN OIL Marketing Department Manager. 

The color of the packaging material is another novelty – all three types of PLATINUM Classic oils are offered in red bottles resembling the unique corporate livery of PKN ORLEN. The color schemes used on their labels also allow the customers to quickly and intuitively identify the oil’s crucial parameters. 

4.5 liter bottles that PLATINUM Classic oils are offered in are also very ergonomic. In order to make the process of adding oil easier and more comfortable, the bottles are equipped with practical caps with an integrated funnel, turning the oil change into a much more pleasant experience.

PLATINUM Classic oils are available from all renowned automotive vendors nationwide.

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