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Orlen Oil Reliable Employer of the Year 2011


solidarny_pracodawca_normal.jpgThe award, on behalf of ORLEN OIL CEO Mr. Marian Ćwiertniak, was received by Joanna Duszyńska – Pukszta, the Head of the HR Process Department.

This award acknowledges our position as a reliable and socially responsible employer. The title of Reliable Employer is a distinction not only to ORLEN OIL as the enterprise, but to all Employees who have contributed to such company image. Committed and competent Employees are the key success factor for such a fast growing organisation as ORLEN OIL. Their contribution to their work bring tangible benefits to the Company, determining its competitive advantage and contributing to further its further growth. Employee involvement translates into their effectiveness, therefore it must be of great value itself for the Reliable Employer.
The Managers, who participate in all HR management processes directly influence the Employees’ commitment, contributing at the same time to the implementation of personal policy. It is the Managers who stay closest to their Employees and who know them well. This valuable knowledge is a starting point in determining proper directions for development and translates into the choice of the right tools for HR shaping the Employees’ satisfaction levels and support them in efficient achievement of business objectives. We would like our Employees to be proud of their workplace ¬– Mrs. Joanna Duszyńska – Pukszta said.

The objective of the Reliable Employer of the Year is to identify the best employers in Poland, especially those who promote the most attractive HR solutions in their business, and at the same time share their experience in the press nationwide.

The project was created primarily with the aim to find, honour and promote businesses with perfect HR policy translating in high quality of products and services in the demanding Polish market.

The Reliable Employer of the Year program is implemented in several equal business and regional categories and in the nationwide category. The regional categories are addressed to companies based in individual macro-regions, and the latter applies to companies with branches or subsidiaries present throughout the country.

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