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ORLEN OIL sponsors the 5th edition of Platinum rallyZOOM


okladka_platinum_rallyzoom.jpg.pngPlatinum rallyZoom the CHRONICLE OF POLISH RALLIES 2012, created in cooperation of ORLEN OIL with WRC Rally Magazine, has been released.

This year’s edition of the largest cyclic project of WRC Rally Magazine is different than the previous ones. Another release of the Chronicle features thoroughly modified graphic design which certainly brings a note of freshness and modernity to the album.
The greatest advantage of this publication are specially selected photographs by several photographers who have captured, in an extraordinary way, not only this year’s competition in the Polish and Slovakian special stages, but also the unique climate and atmosphere of the rallies – says Wojciech Grabarz, Editor-in-Chief WRC Rally Magazine.
Platinum rallyZOOM is a complex, time-consuming and almost all-year long project. There are many people, photographers, journalists and graphic designers involved in the preparation of the album. For some photographs of the album this was the first time they have been published.
The CHRONICLE OF POLISH RALLIES 2012 can be ordered at: www.rallyzoom.wurc.pl

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