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ORLEN OIL Reliable Firm 2012


ang.jpgFollowing a positive review by experts, consumers and business partners, ORLEN OIL was awarded the prestigious certificate RELIABLE FIRM 2012 for its timely payment of all obligations and its respect for ecology and consumer rights.The awards were presented during the Regional Final of the Economic and Consumer Reliable Firm Programme, which was held on 7 February 2013 in Kraków at the Exhibition and Conference Centre of the Royal Castle on Wawel Hill.

The award certificate was accepted on the firm’s behalf by Dawid Niedojadło, Director of Marketing Operations, who emphasised the value of the award as an acknowledgment of diligent work in all key areas of the firm.
„ORLEN OIL maintains perfect cooperation with both customers and suppliers, setting the pursuit of mutual organic growth as a priority. This means building an excellent relationship with our clients in order to enable the development of not only our organization but also those of our partners” added Mr Niedojadło.

The Reliable Firm award for ORLEN OIL acknowledges the firm’s systematic improvement of technology developed to protect the environment.

The Reliable Firm Programme, under the auspices of the Delegation of the European Commission, has since 2002 supported and recommended reliable firms, while creating a database of the best and most reliable enterprises. Reliable Firm is the best-promoted project of this kind in Poland.

Over the previous years, more than 2200 certificates have been awarded. The winners of the awards are small and medium as well as large firms, some operating worldwide, others only in the firm’s own region. Reliable Firm awards are the most effective acknowledgment of the dependability of a firm as a timely and responsible payer and a good employer.

„The presence of firms from Malopolska, including ORLEN OIL, in the Reliable Firm programme is confirmation that the Malopolska region is economically strong and active,” notes Marek Sowa, Marshal of Malopolska.

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