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New Platinum offer


platinum_turbo_diesel_synt_5w-40_4l_srebr_m_copy_normal.jpgA wide range of Platinum products includes top-grade synthetic oils like Platinum Synthetic 5W-40 – modern fully synthetic engine oil, Platinum Synthetic V 5W-40 developed for modern Volkswagen cars, and Platinum Synthetic F 5W-30 especially developed for Ford cars. Wide range of products for cars and delivery trucks also includes semi-synthetic oil Platinum Semisynthetic 10W-40 and mineral oil Platinum Mineral 15W-40, as well as specialist products developed with LPG cars and diesel oil in mind. - Poland is unquestionable European leader in the number of gas vehicles. Many years of advanced research and operational tests of LPG cars conducted by Orlen Oil have resulted in a comprehensive offer of modern oils for LPG cars. It includes Platinum Gas Synthetic 5W-40 and Platinum Gas Semisynthetic 10W-40 developed with modern LPG cars in mind – says Director Zbigniew Ziemianin. 
Due to high fuel prices, Diesel cars are the second best selling type of cars. Special synthetic oil Platinum Turbo Diesel 5W-40 was developed for modern oil engines. As vast majority of cars with oil engines registered in Poland have higher mileage than 150,000 kilometres, Orlen Oil has developed Platinum Turbo Diesel Semisynthetic 10W-40 and Platinum Turbo Diesel Mineral 15W-40 especially intended for these vehicles. 

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