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Medal of the 20th edition of TERAZ POLSKA (POLAND NOW) COMPETITION for ORLEN OIL


godło_tp_normal.jpgThe Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation granted a certificate to ORLEN OIL to confirm the Company’s right to use TERAZ POLSKA emblem for the series of PLATINUM engine oil and a special medal at the 20th anniversary of the Programme.

On October 4th a meeting of “Teraz Polska” Club was held in Centrum Giełdowe. It was attended by representatives of founders and price winners of “Teraz Polska” competition who now use the Emblem, institutions and organisations cooperating with the foundation under the programme entitled “Polish Success – Achievements and Perspectives” and the media that promote the activities of the Foundation.

Among invited guests there were, for instance: professor Michał Kleiber – President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Bartłomiej Walas – Chairperson of “Teraz Polska” Chapter, Robert Kwiatkowski – Vice President of Polish Tourist Organisation, Lucjan Zwolak – acting President of the Agricultural Market Agency, Robert Korzeniowski and Marian Woronin.

“Teraz Polska” competition was organised for the first time in 1992. For the last twenty years of Polish economic transformation, Poland has became a member of NATO and the European Union, and “Teraz Polska” Emblem has become a well recognizable icon of high quality and Polish origin.

On the 20th anniversary of “Teraz Polska”, the Foundation’s Management Board decided to grant a special medal to personalities, companies and institutions that have actively supported the development of the Polish Promotional Programme.

Kamila Kurkowska, Operational Marketing Expert, received the Certificate and medal on behalf of OILEN OIl.

The aim of the Polish Promotional Programme is to promote modern production and management methods and support companies operating in the Polish market when they create and enhance their brands.

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