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Maximum engine power with new generation oil - PLATINUM ULTOR OPTIMO 10W-30


New oil in ORLEN OIL range of products provides excellent engine protection in trucks and other heavy machinery. Ideal for all conditions – both in the summer and winter.
PLATINUM ULTOR OPTIMO 10W-30 is a semi synthetic mid-SAPS type engine oil recommended for heavy duty diesel engines and for environmentally-friendly vehicles with low-emission engines.
Truck manuf4.jpg.bmpacturers regularly introduce new models of vehicles with more and more technically advanced engines. To meet the expectations of the manufacturers and customers, ORLEN OIL is also frequently improving the portfolio of products, including those for truck engines. New PLATINUM ULTOR OPTIMO 10W-30 oil meets the most stringent European ACEA:E9 and American API CJ-4 classifications – says Mr. Sebastian Żywczyk – ORLEN OIL Automotive Department Manager.
PLATINUM UTLOR OPTIMO 10W-30 guarantees maximum power and outstanding engine performance in extreme conditions, longer oil exchange intervals and reduced engine operating cost, improved fuel economy, as well as safe operation of afterburners and engine cleanliness by keeping the impurities in suspension.

With the perfect technology and top quality enriching additives used, the new oil can be successfully used in mixed type fleets.

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