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Launch of platinumpro.pl


ORLEN Oil is about to launch a new website (www.platinumpro.pl) dedicated for authorized service centres in Poland. This website is intended to create a modern image of Platinum PRO products as well as to ensure communication with the personnel of the authorized service centres.

pro.jpgThe website showcases a range of 11 Platinum PRO products, new-generation professional engine oils with SMART Formula and double filtration technology.
Contests for the personnel of the authorized service centres with unique rewards for winners will constitute a regular element on the website. Currently there is a contest offering a chance to test Porsche cars at a racing track in Poznań as a part of our Test Drivers Wanted training program.

“The Poles are more and more inclined to accept offer of authorized service centres. Bearing this in mind, we created a website that complements knowledge on our Platinum PRO professional lubricants and their unique properties”, said Klaudia Mikowska-Celewicz, Product Manager. “People who expect complex solutions value complete information. We understand it and that is why we focused on providing the personnel of these POS with quick access to knowledge without the need to contact the manufacturer,” she added.
To complement the website, a knowledge base has been provided that we use to dismiss the most common myths about engine oils.
The project was developed in cooperation with HAVAS WORLDWIDE WARSAW.

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