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ISUZU recommends Platinum ORLEN OIL oils


baner_inter_prev@@@@4_normal.jpgOn 3 July 2012 a letter of intention was signed for commercial and marketing cooperation between ORLEN OIL Sp. z o.o. and ISUZU Automotive Polska.

Jacek Witkowski, Managing Director of ISUZU Automotive Polska, and ORLEN OIL Board Member Katarzyna Rożyńska signed the letter of intention.

Established in 1916, ISUZU Motors Limited enjoys the longest tradition among Japanese utility vehicle manufacturers, with products ranging from pick-ups to delivery and freight vehicles to passenger coaches. It is also a world leader in Diesel technologies and engine production.

“ISUZU produces durable vehicles and technologically advanced Diesel engines. The company’s legendary quality and reliability are the heritage and history that comes with the experience of having manufactured 24 million Diesel engines for a variety of purposes. We have earned the trust of millions of clients all over the world, and now we are working to build that trust in Poland. We have no doubt that our cooperation with the leading Polish lubricant manufacturer, ORLEN OIL, will help lead us to that goal,” said Jacek Witkowski, Managing Director of ISUZU Automotive Polska.

“ISUZU and ORLEN OIL Platinum are synonymous with innovation, reliability and excellent quality. We believe that mutual cooperation and operational support will bring benefits to both parties," added Sebastian Żywczyk, head of the Automotive Department at ORLEN OIL.

The involvement of the latest ISUZU model, the D-Max, alongside ORLEN OIL in 4x4 rally racing will be partnership’s brand in motorsports.

This joining of forces between ISUZU and ORLEN OIL represents yet another success in the history of both companies.

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