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For the seventh time, the editors of the monthly Forbes have compiled a list of the fastest-growing companies in value. The Forbes Diamond winners for 2013 would not be complete without ORLEN OIL.

The ORLEN OIL company, based in Kraków, ranked fourth among companies in Malopolska, with revenues in excess of 250 million PLN.

Kraków ‒ located on the A4 motorway a short distance from Silesia ‒ the largest Polish metropolitan agglomeration, featuring a major airport, has become an attractive location for national headquarters.

‘The selection of Kraków for our company headquarters was dictated by logistic factors. This location enables efficient management of all three production sites: in Jedlicze, Trzebinia and Płock’ explains Renata Szostak, CEO of ORLEN OIL.

Systematic development of its product line, combined with the implementation of innovative solutions in the area of new product technology, is among the critical elements ensuring the competitiveness and market position of ORLEN OIL. Thanks to its comprehensive range of products, the firm is able to meet the expectations and needs of its customers ‒ both individual and institutional, both at home and abroad. The company’s dynamic development is also a result of gaining valuable market partners such as Yamaha, Isuzu and SsangYong, all of which recommend ORLEN OIL Platinum motor oil as a product of the highest quality.

Finding their way onto the Diamond list are firms with the most rapidly increasing value, which show positive financial results and equity for the period 2009‒2011 and which are esteemed for their profitability and high current liquidity.

As a result of a detailed analysis, 1,931 companies meeting the Forbes criteria were selected, including:

• 184 large firms (over 250 million in income)
• 511 medium-sized firms (50‒250 million in income)
• 1,236 small firms (5‒50 million in income).

A complete list of winners can be found at www.diamentyforbesa.pl

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