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Biodegradable hydraulic oils
​ORLEN OIL’s operations focus on innovation and advanced technology products that meet the challenges of the contemporary world. Guided by the idea of sustainable development, our experts cooperate with renowned research and scientific centres to develop products that are environment-friendly, and whose use mitigates adverse impact on the environment. The focus on cutting-edge technologies enabled the development of new, biodegradable hydraulic oils – HYDROL BIO HEES EL 46 and HYDROL BIO HETG EL 46. These products are the result of our care for natural resources and supreme quality standards.
ORLEN OIL is the first company in Poland which received the prestigious EEL – European Ecolabel certificate for its products, which testifies to premier quality of the products, builds brand confidence, and constitutes a reliable reference in the environment-friendly products segment.
Seeking to develop its offering in this area, not only does ORLEN OIL respond to the trends as they evolve, but also independently develops the image of a socially responsible business, exceeding the expectations of many stakeholder groups, including the customers, for whom the EEL label is a proof of genuine commitment to environmental protection.



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