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The new ambassador joins ORLEN OIL


Bartosz Zmarzlik - the current individual speedway World Champion joins the group of PLATINUM Ambassadors. ORLEN OIL has signed a cooperation agreement with the athlete this season. Next year Kuba Przygoński, Adrienn Vogel, Marcel Surmacz and Robert Kubica (F1 racing driver in the DTM series) and Iwona Blecharczyk "Trucking girl" - a professional truck driver - also remain with the PLATINUM brand.
Automotive, including motor sport, plays an important role in the ORLEN OIL sponsorship strategy, which is why the Company consistently implements the PLATINUM brand ambassadors program - people with outstanding achievements and abilities in the automotive and sports field. On the one hand, as a leading Polish producer of oils and lubricants, ORLEN OIL feels responsible for supporting areas that have a positive impact on millions of Poles in the field of automotive sports. On the other hand, we see the need to promote sport in every form, and in particular as a healthy and active lifestyle. Combining these two approaches, ORLEN OIL has for years been setting the direction that best reflects the nature of the company, hence the decision to sponsor mainly fields in the field of motor sports.
Bartosz Zmarzlik, a member of the ORLEN Team, achieved his greatest success so far on October 5, 2019 at Torun Motoarena, where he became the Individual World Champion. He is the third Pole in history, after Jerzy Szczakiel (1973) and Tomasz Gollobie (2010), who won this title.
From the beginning of his career he has been associated with the Stal Gorzów team. He has won 6 medals at the Polish Team Championships with the team so far. His achievements also include a gold medal at the Individual World Junior Championships (2015), two silver medals at the Individual Polish Championships (2015, 2019) and medals won with the Polish Speedway Team in the junior and senior category. In the plebiscite of Przegląd Sportowy, he was chosen the most popular athlete of 2019.
Another year of cooperation with ORLEN OIL is taken by Kuba Przygoński - Cross Country 2018 World Champion, winner of 4th place in the Dakar Rally 2019, multiple Polish Drifting Champion. This is one of the most successful Poles in motorsport. He belongs to the ORLEN Team. He cyclically participates in cross country rallies of the World Championship rank, which are also preparation for the key and most prestigious rally in the world, which is the Dakar Rally.
Adrienn Vogel is a female star of motorsport in Hungary. Thousands of fans follow her automotive activity on a regular basis both in Hungary and throughout Europe. It also has its fans in our country. Adrienn Vogel also participated in the last two editions of Verva Street Racing, she also raced the PLATINUM Rally Memorial of J. Kulig, M. Bublewicz in Wieliczka. She won the title "Female Driver of The Year" in 2017 and 2018, awarded consecutively by the Hungarian National Autosport Federation and the Hungarian Formula Magazine.
Marcel Surmacz is a professional karting driver who, despite his young age, has made many successes in national and international competitions. He took 6th place at the Grand Final during ROTAX MAX CHALLENGE 2019 (the best of starting Poles). In the past, he won the Polish Championship twice, twice in the Hungarian International Open Championship and the title of International Hungarian Champion, as well as the title of Champion and Vice-Champion of Central and Eastern Europe. His excellent successes - three times in the European Rotax CEE series are only confirmation of his skills.
The company is also involved in promoting sport among children and young people by supporting sports events organized in Poland addressed to entire families. An example is the annual partnership in cooperation with PKN ORLEN and other ORLEN Capital Group companies in the organization of Verva Street Racing - the largest automotive event in Poland.


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