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Proven quality in a new version


We are continuing the process of changes in the implementation of our brand ORLEN OIL INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS. 

Based on the previous experience in the industry and customer feedback, we have carried out a refreshing process for labels and 1L, 5L and 20L packaging for products from the industrial lubricants segment. 

- The main goals that we wanted to achieve during this project include implementation of the ORLEN OIL INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS brand, suggestive identification of the intended use of a given product through the use of pictograms, distinguishing the product line within the segment of industrial lubricants thanks to the use of distinguishable colors or bilingual designation of the product group - lists Przemysław Niedzielski - Head of the Product Strategy Department. 

- We are convinced that the new version of ORLEN OIL INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS products will make it even easier to choose the already proven quality! - adds Klaudyna Bujak, Director of Domestic Sales and Marketing. ​​


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