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Gardening and forestry


Quality class:API: SG/CD
Viscosity grad:SAE: 10W-30

General features

High quality, multiseasonal, mineral oil intended for four-stroke farming machine engines. The oil quality is guaranteed by especially selected manufacturing process based on highly refined mineral oil bases and high quality enriching additives.

ORLEN OIL Trawol 10W-30 provides perfect properties:
• permanent lubricating film in high thermal land mechanical loads,
• efficiency due to low vapour looses,
• very good resistance to oxidation which protects formation of "black sludge",
• corrosion protection,
• prevented formation of high temperature deposits,
• fully mixable with other oils of the same viscosity grade and quality class.


ORLEN OIL Trawol 10W-30 is high quality engine oil recommended for:
• mowers,
• soil millers,
• ploughs,
• snow removers,
• other garden equipment with four-stroke petrol engines with or without a catalyst.

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Units Typical values
SAE viscosity grade - 10W-30
kinematic viscosity at 1000C mm2/s 10.5
viscosity index - 133
flow temperature 0C -35
ignition temperature 0C 232
base value TBN mg KOH/g 8.5
sulphate ash % 0.60
water content % (v/v) no content
corrosiveness at 1000C for 3 hours to copper corrosion grade 1
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.


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